Bad Liver Eve

Twas the evening before Liver Day
and all thru St. Crustie town
the LiverHeads anxiously awaited
that infamous banjer sound

They checked the batteries in their tape decks
and brushed up on the songs
stocked the fridge with kind beers
and grunged off their bongs

We, who are true believers
know where the real scene is at
seven dollars at the door should
certainly keep away Pat

If anyone needs chainsaw therapy
it has got to be Beatle Bob
a shitty dancer if there ever was one
we'll stomp him with heavy clogs

The King of Duct Tape is ready
hear him striking up his bow
you can slide Ralph a phattie
sssssshhhh- Mark will never know

And Danny - he's the master
Lord of the Five-Stringed Snare
fine pickin' madman sings like a saint
in a rage of Johnny Winter hair

The LiverHeads are indeed glad
that the Livers are finally here
God knows we're not the fairweather type
we're bad livers every day of the year.

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