Unlearning the History
of Rock and Roll

A true story, by the blindmAnt

One day this decade
I was having my analog tape decks calibrated
in suburban St. Louis county.

To my delight,
the man next to me at the counter,
wearing a suit and smile,
was the King of Rock and Roll.

I am referring to Mr. Chuck Berry.

* * *

Here was a golden opportunity
to note an obscure nugget of history.

"Chuck, what is your favorite
Robert Johnson song?"

Mr. Berry smiled at me thoughtfully.
"Uhh, I'd have to say the last one he did."

I was onto something here.

The last one?

Was this composition other than the twenty-nine
he recorded in '36 and '37?

Was the Legend of the Lost Song true?

The one and only Chuck Berry
was about to reveal an essential link
to the History of Rock and Roll.

* * * *

Chuck turned to me and smiled.
"I'm sorry, but to tell you the truth..."
he said
"I'm not sure who Robert Johnson is."

* * * *

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