Robert Johnson
King of the Delta Blues

So what if he's still dead.
He's been dead ALL THIS TIME but that never
kept Robert Johnson, the King of the Delta Blues,
from continuing to influence Rock and Roll.
For all you punks that think blues no longer matters,
there is more to consider here than just the plain fact
that most modern rock is still structurally
dependent on twelve-bar anyway:

The Original Guitar Hero.
Eric Clapton- "Up until the time I was 25,
if you didn't know who Robert Johnson
was, I wouldn't talk to you."

An innovative pioneer of
the Self-Destructive Life Style.

Richards, Vicious, Morrison, Cobain, etc....
All pretty boring compared to Robert Johnson,
who never whined about excesses of fame.
He went down  with the poisoned bottle,
the wrong woman and Satan himself
on a poorman's salary in a crooked saloon.

There were only twenty-nine songs...
well, that were recorded and released, anyway.
His songs are testament  of a tortured soul
from a dark time past; prophecy
of a modern era at the crossroads...