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What's new on the Crust? - We are having a hard time keeping up with remnAnt release, which are up to Dick's Picks 11 among others. Down here in the Hole, we'd like to see more Garcia Band (how bout some 70's stuff?) sent our way.

RemnAnts Released - The musical secretions since Jerry's death have proved themselves worthy. Dozing at the Knick may be the best-sounding multi-track live recording EVER, featuring the Dead in the midst of their awesome Spring '90 tour. (The prior release in this vault series was the Hundred Year Hall.)
Also new are Shady Grove, a Garcia/Grisman collaboration, and That High Lonesome Sound, an alternate configuration of Old And In The Way. The Grateful PirAnts are beaming about these acoustic flavors and listen in awe to Vassar Clemens, but still await the O&ITW version with John Hartford.  Meanwhile, honorary pirAnt Dick has been releasing a series of live recordings from Dead past. His picks were originally on two-track analog tape, are now CDs, and sound amazing:
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Terrapin Station (Limited Edition) - 3 discs. Complete show from Spring '90 tour. Standard setlist with a great centerpiece Terrapin and mock turtle jam, Revolution encore. Sounds extraordinary, especially for Mickey and Bill fans. Anyone think the artwork is colored strangely?

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Fallout from the Phil Zone - 2 discs. Phil has assembled an anthology of rarities and standalones from 4 decades. Highlights include "Viola Lee Blues" and "Visions of Johanna."

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How Sweet It Is - 1 disc. Live Jerry Garcia Band from the Warfield, circa 1990. "Tough Mama" is the runaway favorite. Also includes nice versions of "Gomorrah" and "Someday Baby." We look forward to older JGB.

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Dozin' at the Knick- 3 discs, first set highlights, a complete second set plus a partial second set from 3-show run in Albany, NY. The sound quality is insurpassable and the Playin' > UJB > Terrapin appeases the pirAnts to no end.

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Hundred Year Hall- 2 discs, most of a show in Frankfurt, Germany in spring of '72. Most immaculate sounding live recording from its era, disc 2 may be their finest documented hour ever!

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Shady Grove- 1 disc, another collection of pieces from the Dawg's vault with more on the way. This acoustic material is more highly appreciated in the Hole than the Dead itself.

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That High Lonesome Sound- 1 disc. This incarnation of Old & In The Way has Jerry on banjo, David Grisman on mandolin, Vasser Clemens on fiddle, John Kahn on bass and Peter Rowan (wrote Midnight Moonlight). This is amazing bluegrass from 1973!

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Dick's Picks 7 - 3 discs, highlights from 3 shows at the Alexandra Palace in London, September '74. These shows came just before their "break" and were played thru the Wall of Sound. Best DP so far!

Grateful Dead in California Grateful Dead in Missouri Grateful Dead at Alpine Valley
Dick's Picks 6 - 3 discs, complete show at the Hartford Civic Center 10/14/83. Ordinary-appearing setlist wavers between mediocre and spectacular. First official release of a Scarlet>Fire.

Grateful Dead in New York West Coast Dead Heads East Coast Dead Heads The Grateful Dead
Dick's Picks 5 - 3 discs, complete show from Oakland 12/26/79 - the band has adjusted to Brent. Several memorable transition jams and a funky Shakedown>UJB Reprise encore.

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Dick's Picks 4 - 3 discs, highlights from famous shows at the Fillmore East, 2/13-14/70 not previously released on Bear's Choice. Contains everyone's favorite Dark Star plus Alligator and Mason's Children. Allman Brothers warmed them up G O O D.

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Dick's Picks 3 - 2 discs, most of a stellar show at Pembroke Pines, Florida in May '77. MONSTER JERRY! Excellent speciman from the latedonna period.

Dead Ahead Dick's Picks Live Dead Without A Net
Dick's Picks 2 - 1 disc, portion of 1970 Halloween show in Ohio, "happy" Dark Star jams into Sugar Mag, St. Stephen, the Not Fade Away/Going Down the Road sandwich.

Bear's Choice Terrapin Station Steal Your Face Phish Greatful Dead
Dick's Picks 1 - 2 discs, most of a show in Tampa, Florida without current member Donna during their jazzy year of '73. Incredible Here Comes Sunshine opener; the Trucking > Nobody's Fault is epic.


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