12 Golden Country Classics


  This album will undoubtedly introduce a few good ole boys to the brothers Ween, which is pretty darn funny and just the kind of irony that keeps these two pranksters motivated.
   No one escapes the politically incorrect antics of Dean and Gene Ween. And while "Piss Up A Rope" is playing in honky tonks across the U.S., the boys are touring with some of country music's finest musicians and playing to traditionally alternative audiences.
   They are no doubt making fun of country music but it couldn't have been successful had it not been for the lads' fond love of the genre. They are able to capture the subtle campyness that defines the good country stuff. I could almost imagine GEORGE JONES covering the song "Japanese Cowboy" or "I'm Holding You".
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Experimental Trash and No Star


  The album title would lead you to believe that it is "Experimental" but it really seems pretty normal Sonic Youth to me. Thurstin Moore draws from a wide fariety of influences and is a collector of fine vinyl and, I understand, is a huge Sun Ra fan. This reminds me of Washing Machine in many ways- it has that noisy whirling appliance sound but slightly more subdued. As far as I know the track "Winners Blues" is the first all accoustic track ever released by Sonic Youth.
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Electric Larryland


  These Three guys from Texas have been together for over fifteen years and have released thirteen different full length albums. Even though they are considered to be one of Americas premier punk bands and they play to punk audiences and in punk venues, the Butthole Surfers have never really played "punk" music...until now.
  The tracks "Birds," "Ulcer," "Breakout," and "Ah Ha" are pretty straight forward punk. After all of these years being labeled a punk band they decided what the heck. For the most part I think Electriclarryland is richer than 1993's Independent Worm Saloon, the first record for Capital.
  One interesting but unfortunate irony is that singer Gibby Haynes recently suffered a ruptured ear drum, at least it wasn't poked with #2 pencil. We wish him the best.
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