HoleWorld - Guide to the True Underground
Mr. Burn

My name is Mister Burn.
I am a correspondAnt
with the Hole.
Recently I went to see The Wallflowers perform, you know, Jacob Dylan's band. I had a drawing with me of his father, Bob, that I had created and wanted to give to him - it looked enough like him figured he'd like it, maybe think it was of himself. In the middle of the show, I worked my way up through the floor crowd and set the artwork on a stage monitor. Suddenly, Jacob stopped the show, decrying "what is this?" I replied "just a drawing that I did. You can have it." Jacob replied angrily "come and get this or I'm going to throw it." I shrugged and tried to walk back to the bar, but some other audience members passed it back to me. Some of the people were like "That dude is an asshole" and offered to buy the drawing from me. I eventually gave it to some lady.

When I'm on the surface, I create freehand drawings of
my favorite deadAnts such as Jerry and Bob:

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