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Bigfoot Revisited

   One summer day about 6 years ago I and my father were flyfishing in the upper mountain lakes in Washington State....the place is called Chain-o-Lakes located near the base of Mt Adams the birds were singing and it was a beatiful hot summer afternoon.....the lakes are such that there are 3 linked together with the deepest point being about 15 feet. We were there for about an hour or so and had made our way by canoe to the 3rd lake when out in the middle of the lake we saw these foot prints that appeared to be bigger than any human print we had ever seen! We made some bigfoot jokes about them and when we got closer to the back of the lake we started seeing more of them the stride was about 4-6 feet apart in line with the other just likae a mans stride...something didn't add up here though.....a human could not have made these! it was virtually impossible the water was too deep and they were too perfect to be put there by a human even if they tried to fake them! Well we got closer to the shore and we saw a set of prints that still had the mud stirring up in them! By this time we were on full alert....these were made within the hour!they were about 17/18 inches long and they were barefoot....there were several prints back here that made it look like a crossing for the Bigfoot like they don't mind the water and it was in there path so why go around? Then the strangest thing happened that I will never forget.....the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up and I look at my father and his was as well....I asked him quietly if he felt like we were being watched and he agreed we could not shake this feeling.....the birds, we heard no birds,no bugs buzzing,nothing! It was as if the woods had left us all alone and took the sounds with them!I mean to say you could hear a flea fart from more than a mile away! and the hair on the back of our necks was standing up like porcupine quills! At this point we decided to leave and vacate this place, so we started to paddle our little canoe back we saw nothing and heard nothing our nose were to the air but we smelled nothing.....it took us about 20 minutes to get back to the first lake, everything was still quiet....we loaded up the canoe and left this place quickly and quietly.....we were about a mile down the road when we started to hear the birds again and the bugs as well...... I went back to this place for the first time since this happened a few weeks ago...only I was on foot....i could only get to the begining of the 3rd lake and was watching very closely....the woods went queit again but not completely....there was a chipmunk chattering his head off about 100 feet off to my right (where I had just come from) then a crow started his warning craw and then it was dead quiet...since I was alone I once again left quickly....without makinf any sounds untill I got to my car and started it...this time I saw "something" move by the back of the lake but could not make out what it was....it appeared to be big and looked like it was standing up like a man with a bad back....but there was no one else around for 5 miles that I new of at least....this thing was huge though and moved to fast to make out what it was....it was quiet when he dissappeared into the brush and I didn't feel like going back to see for myself at least not by myself!           - S. Barnes