Soon the ARTROPOLIS CINEMA will open it's doors to the public.
The Grand Opening will begin this seasons HOLE WORLD ANIMATION
FESTIVAL. All Movies are free to the public.

      We are looking for animated gif movies of all types. You may in-
clude a music track to accompany your movie if you choose. If you would
like to show a movie in another format on your own server but would like
us to link to you... drop us a note describing your work and the URL so
the pirAnt mini movie judges can take a look.

      All movies submitted for viewing must be 2 megs or less. If we use
your work you will be flowered in praise and loved by all pirAnts and may
also be cloaked in a new HOLEWORLD tee-shirt. We will also link to your
home page and children and puppies will want to be near you.

      To submit a animation first drop us a note telling us where we can
view the work. If your movie is something we are looking for we will notify
you and then you may send us your 2 megabyte or less file.

      The pirAnts are eagerly anticipating a new genre of movie making
to emerge from The Hole.   The challenges posed by the 2 meg format and
the time and size restrictions are sure to be an exciting new frontier for the
mini movie maker.
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