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Conceptualized, built, and grew web site for vacation package company in 1996. The business quickly grew from one destination to over 30 in 12 countries via web marketing strategy. If you love to fish and travel check this site out.   (opens new browser window)

Mistral Snowboarding
This was BC's first web launch in the Spring of '96. It hasn't changed much since as the company stopped making snowboards. Mike Jacoby (pro featured on the site) competed in the '98 Winter Olympic Games for the United States.

Mistral   (opens new browser window)

Originally designed in '96 for proprieter Mark Fraas in exchange for a custom parka. Sorry to say that Mark passed away at high velocity up on Mt. Hood in '97 and we all miss him. Some folks have since purchased the company and continue to manufacture top-quality outerwear.

Airtime's New Site   (not a BC project)

Datnov Fine Art Photography
Datnov is one of the finest creative photographers in the Pacific Northwest. His works include sports photography, landscapes, portraits, and many other subjects -- you can see his photos ont the GorgeNet home page.

Datnov   (opens new browser window)

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