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Custom Web Design and Internet Services
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Custom Web Design and Internet Services
Services, Features, and Custom Elements
With Custom Website Design and Internet Solutions, you choose and pay for only the services you need. Build your online business all at once or piece by piece - we are flexible to your pace in cyberspace.

Site Administration
  Hosting - Our server or yours. Contact us to discuss rates.
  Domain Name Registration - Your intended audience will find you at
  Updating - Scheduled maintenance or by request.
  E-Mail - Setup and forwarding.
  Access - Limit access to sections of your site with password protection.

Establishing Your Online Presence
  Page Design - HTML authoring and publishing.
  Concept Design - our specialty is THE BIG PICTURE.
  Graphics - original creations or conversion from what you provide.
  Site Content - you provide the text by electronic files or printed materials.
  Site Promotion - keyword analysis, metatagging, search and directory entry.

Some Recommended Features
  Interactive Forms - exchange information with visitors to your site.
  JavaScripts - current date and time, pull-down menus, mouse-over buttons, and much more...
  Java Applets - custom enhancements with unlimited possibilities.
  Custom Animations - liven up your page with illustration in motion.
  Ad Banners / Billboards - for advertising on other pages and trading links.
  PDF Files - Portable Document Format insures cross-platform compatibility and printing.
  Updates - scheduled or by request.

Advanced Features
  Secure Online Sales - sell products and services online.
  Database Connectivity - hookup and scripting services.
  Flash - interactive multimedia/entertainment.
  Streaming Video and Audio - RealAudio and RealVideo.
  Net Reports - depends upon server, but GorgeNet offers WebTrends.

Visit some active sites from the Sites Section page and see how we can help your business grow into the 21st century.

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