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Custom Web Design and Internet Services
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By thoughtfully submitting the following form we can send you an accurate Time and Cost Estimate for your custom design. Please note that this does not cover your Internet Service Provider's charges for dial up service and business hosting (virtual rent.) The pricing info for GorgeNet accounts and packages is located here, but your pages can be hosted by any ISP you wish.
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Nuts and Bolts: The primary mission right now is:

The primary mission right now is:

The main function of my website is:

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I expect these basic features to be included on my web pages:
Animated LogosProduct Pictures
ButtonsInformation Only (Graphic Lite)
Background Patterns See comments below

The materials I can provide are:
Electronic FilesCompany Logo
Scannable PhotographsCopy / Text / Info
Printed MaterialSee comments below

Recommended Features to include:
Interactive FormsCustom Animations
Java Applets

Sound Effects

Billboards / WebringsSee comments below

I am interested in these Advanced Features:
Secure Commerce Server Net Reports
Database ConnectivityStreaming Audio and Video
ScriptingSee comments below

Updates and/or maintenance will be needed:

Promotional plans include:

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After you have filled out the form, click the submit button below, and you will recieve the estimate very soon. Remember, we can also arrange photography, videotaping, sound recording, and whatever else you may need to create a convincing presence on the internet.

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