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Custom Web Design and Internet Services
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Custom Web Design and Internet Services
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Boeger Communications
Your web site is what represents your organization on the Internet. Boeger Communications builds Custom Web Sites based upon your objectives and the content you provide. Our specialty is building you a beautiful, elegantly designed web site that serves your purposes with well-organized information and advanced functions - a site that will bring back your audience time and time again.

Boeger Communications offers FULL SERVICE for your online needs. We can set you up with domain name registration, monthly hosting, page design, regular updating, and simple and advanced features. We can also help you with electronic marketing strategy and organizing your content. It is our intention to be your ONE STOP SHOP for Internet services.

This is how it works: Be sure to check out some of BC's active websites and the list of services. Then contact us or fill out the free estimate form and we can begin discussing objectives and possibilities for the project. We will submit a proposal for your site, and when a price is agreed upon, we will write up a contract. A construction and payment schedule is included with the contract. Every project is uniquely different, but a first-class website can usually be built in 2-6 weeks once the content is provided.

We can also give your existing site a facelift or help out with other marketing elements such as Ad Banners. Animated GIFs have always been a BC specialty and now we are getting very interested in Flash. Imagine placing an animated Ad Banner on another page and instead of clicking straight through, Flash-enabled browsers will enjoy a brief multi-media presentation on the way to your site. Boeger Communications is staying on the cutting edge of electronic marketing and you can be there with us.

The growing clientele of commercial web sites range from snowboarding and travel to corporate promotions and financial institutions. Whether you need to exchange information, create a forum or sell your wares online, Boeger Communications creates what people will see and hear -- YOUR ORGANIZATION'S REPRESENTATION ON THE INTERNET.

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